Siojo Hair Salon - Wanted me too work for free.

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.I email her day's later to set up a meeting she respond back and we sat the date up.I was nerves is *** didn't know what to expect of this but was excited about what my come of this.

I arrive 5 Min's before the time the meeting was suppose to take place she was not waiting on me she was servicing a client. The salon is beautiful it really is but this behavior she displayed gave me a bad feeling. her reception's met with me she did the interviewing i felt so out of it I couldn't even contracted.

After all that took place she proceed to talk to me and then offer me an non paying internship with the salon, oh she says too me you might get tips, but you can bring your stuff as in hair supplies to help everyone out.don't fall for this lady bull *** she doesn't want stylist she wants some one to work for her for free.



Wow this one is funny but sad that's why I love the freedom of free speech but some people don't respect that.You say she not an professional Licensed Cosmetologist SO WHY WAS YOU WILLING TOO GIVE HER WORK!

This doesn't sounds right too me nor do I believe that her informations was false and honey please she did not slander your business.

Lol I can't stop laughting at your respond's you need to be completely honest about the truth.I wonder why didn't she respond back to your comment I hope she does and give us the full story this is sure a good one I can read between the lines so rock on future cosmetologist and however I believe and feel that you will go far in that industry because you displayed backbone too stand up for your self and others that get taken advantage of.



Please be completely honest!You are not a professional licensed Cosmetologist.

I presented you with an opportunity to work fresh out of school as an intern while you prepared for your state exam. I will not tolerate false information and slander against SIOJO SALON! It is simply immoral .

Marqeta when I presented you with a opportunity many would not offer to a student fresh out of beauty school with NO experience!I wish you the very best in this world, however with this attitude I don't see you going too far in this industry.

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